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BREAKING: PCCA advises army to intervene to avoid extension of transitional period



South Sudan Army Generals

JUBA, July 31st, 2022 – South Sudan’s civil rights movement, the People’s Coalition for Civil Action (PCCA), has appealed to the country’s armed forces and other security organs to intervene and stop ongoing plans by the government to extend its lifespan without the will of the people of South Sudan.

This comes after several senior government officials told the media that the transitional period was being extended for additional two years, sparking anger among civil society organizations and opposition political groups.

“The announcement on Wednesday the 27th of July by the parties to the R-ARCSS of their intention to extend the life of the dictatorship did not come as a surprise to us. We warned our citizens on the 30 of May 2022, that this was coming. We specifically mentioned that Sudan was going to be instrumental in championing this plot, being the chair of IGAD. Now that this proposal is out, we have been exonerated and proven prescient in our analysis of the failure of the R-ARCSS.

“In the PCCA 30 of July 2021 Declaration, we were clear, and we said in the Preamble that we, “Condemn the political leaders for failing to implement the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS), which was aimed at delivering peace and development for the people of South Sudan”.

“We were convinced then, and we are convinced now, that President Kiir cares less about anything happening in this country, his sole focus is how to hold on to power and to rule with impunity. This is going to be President Kiir’s third coup against the popular will of the people of South Sudan. His first coup was staged on the 23″ of July 2013 when he dissolved the whole government, resulting in the violent events of 15″ of December 2013 to formalize the coup.

His second coup was on the 8″ of July 2016, the J1 dogfight, which led to the collapse of the ARCSS and the ensuing violence. The planned extension of the crooked, failed, and dysfunctional government would be the third coup and it is likely going to be followed by violence.

“The PCCA, the voice of the ordinary people of South Sudan, objects to any extension of the authoritarian rule and it will use all nonviolent means at its disposal to frustrate such a dictatorial sinister move. We therefore call upon the people of South Sudan including the patriotic citizens the dictatorial regime referred to as “social media criminals” (SMC), wherever they live in the world, to frustrate the extension as they did with the dredging. Absolute power resides with the people of South Sudan and the time has come to invoke this power and to use all peaceful means at our disposal to thwart Kiir’s third coup.

“The PCCA shall issue a more detailed response once this illegitimate proposal is passed formally, but for now, we must sprint to action. We call upon all the civil society organizations within the country, the religious institutions, and political parties, to make it clear to those who have taken the people of South Sudan for granted, that there is a limit in our patience. We urge the army and the security organs to prevent President Kiir’s third coup against the Constitution and to help restore people’s power.

“The time to invoke the line in our national anthem “we vow to protect our nation” is now. The choices are clear, it is either we bend on our knees and formally inaugurate a dictatorship, or we stand with a straight face to tell Kiir and his clientele that we have had enough, and we want our country and our power back. The PCCA stands with the people who have spoken clearly in the National Dialogue that they want their country and power back. Where do you stand?”

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