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Khim Swagg says brothers of a Video vixen from South Sudan threatened him and deleted his Video from YouTube.



South Sudanese Music fans have been complaining that their local artist love working with foreign video vixens and ignoring their own.


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But this is a different case with our Ugandan Based dancehall artist Khim Swagg.

The Dancehall Singer says brothers of a South Sudanese Model beat and threatened  him after their sister appeared in one of his Music Video this is what he said.


This is what the singer posted on his social media.

NB : The first music video of mi career was deleted by a director becuase i used south sudanese girls as vixens in it so plz
Stop telling us to use south Sudanese girls in our videos .
And on top of that as if it was not enough deleting my video I was beaten and threatened by the brothers

Pliz stop telling us that nonsense that we don’t use our own girls yet you will not be here to suffer the consequences with us

Am not saying I’ll not use south Sudanese
girls why not if one is permitted at their home by the parents and so called protective boyfriends

NB . Most of them are very unprofessional as in they can disappoint at the very last minute 🤞🏾

I am just tired of this propaganda why not use south Sudanese girls stfu
You don’t even know what you are saying .

NB. But still let anyone do what they gotta do
Don’t let people live their lives on your
Opinions it’s a free world am even going to
Shoot with a Chinese open your big beaks
If you ever paid for one of the videos
Like wtf 🤬
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🔌: @spygudget2


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