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Life in a Nightclub! Wives of Generals and Ministers turned Drunkards in Juba.



Wives of Generals and Ministers turned Drunkards in Various Nightclubs in Juba.

This study examines the relationship between typical weekly drinking and perpetration of spouse abuse as well as the relationship between the perpetrator’s typical weekly drinking.
As soon the weekend dawns, they wives of prominent men in South Sudan make their way out to drink with their Young male concubines.
There are common faces that you won’t missed to see at Backyard Lounge or at Sunset Bar, these group of married women drink as if it’s the end of the world and you wonder if their husbands are around or responsible enough. Not only that, As soon the party ends. Some of them are grabbed as a “take away” by their young energetic boys who have got the stamina compare to their old men. 
The reality is that, these group of women always hang around Pyramid continental and other luxurious Hotels in town. Their pockets are always loaded so “akuna Matata” when it comes to splashing cash 💰  and spoiling their friends and co boyfriends. 
You find Majority of them Holding latest gadgets in town and wear expensive human hair that goes for 300 $ and above. 
Fact is the men have failed to control their women hence letting them Roam around city center with different men on weekly basis because their wives always play them game’s  that is hard to know or discover. There’s a lot going on with married women in Juba! Some of these women who were married deeply from the village are trying to catch up with the urban lifestyle and therefore want to compensate for what they never experienced in their early Childhood, they’re tasting everything the see around. 

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