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Mrs. Akuot Sarah Dut Women Voices of Hope for the Vulnerable (WVHV)




Distinguished Ma, the true value of a man/Woman and his/her relevance to humanity is not measured by their wealth nor by affluence but rather by how much of themselves and resources they have given to the improvement of humanity.

Posterity belongs to those who have impacted positively on their environment; building people and creating enduring institutions for growth through purposeful leadership, these qualities you have showcased through the values you have added to the lives of ordinary people across the country.

Because of your milestone achievements, we want to confer on you the Focus Africa – Decade of Significance Award on Thursday 24″ November 2022, at Sheraton Hotel Abuja Nigeria by 4 pm.

The Focus Africa Series has an active presence in over 27 countries in Africa and is fully registered in many of them, our projects which include Conferences, Trade Exhibitions, Advocacy, and community impact projects are endorsed by civil society organizations and government institutions in several countries.

We have played host to thousands of delegates from several countries in major conferences that are held in different cities across the continent.
The Focus Africa Decade of Significance Award marks the end of our yearly international projects and serves as a platform where we recognize people and organizations that are relentlessly making an impact in communities around us in Africa.

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