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Juba Couples build house in their plot during courtship



Couples builds house in the plot bought during their courtship

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South Sudanese young couples beat the odds of Juba’s fails relationship and set a number of goals during their time of dating as boyfriend and girlfriend.

One of the goals was to buy a piece of land and built a house in the future after two become parents. Maan Athiei Maico said that, the plot they bought as boyfriend and girlfriend is now near to completion as parents.

“An empire starts with only 1 step at a time. The plot we bought as boyfriend and girlfriend is now nearing completion as parents”, Maan Athiei Maico’s post reads.

In Juba many relationships have failed either due to mistrust or luck of meeting one’s interest but Maico’s story is a living example of dating without interest of the material gains.

Source: Twic Mayardit News

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